Demand of content writer on digital marketplaces

Demand of content writer on digital marketplaces …

The digital marketplaces give jobs to people who demonstrate brilliance as content writer and explore the world with the whole new ideas and sense. You are able to deliver work which incorporate the all aspect of the topic you write. You have to be crispy, witty, humorous, intellectual, spicy and creative in your writing skill. Content writer earns good amount of money as per his/her skills and fluent English. Average content writer in Pakistan earns around 380,000, geographically there are different pay scales. The best part of this job is that you can stay at home or do the work from coffee shop. It might be slow process in term of getting good ranking but if you continue your effort and show your efficacy you will rank you name among the best content writers.

In order to start providing your services you have to link yourself with different digital marketing platforms, for instance.

  • Freelancer.
  • Fiverr.
  • Up work.
  • Facebook pages.

Unleash yourself

Its world of free people as far as we taught, freedom of speech is human right but in a real life does it actually consider? You have to let yourself out of certain parameters, express your ideas and thoughts in ways where you will not be criticized for being objective, oppressive and conservative.

Being desirable

You have to make your name in the industry of content writers, competition is tough but if you can write in a different style your work get recognition. Customer’s feedback elevate your ranking so does your income.


What type of writing work you can offer to the customers?

  • Article writing

You are able to write on marketing, medicines, technology, science, entertainment industry, toys, kid’s related products and all most anything. There are couple of writers who have set boundaries and provide their expertise on few fields.

  • Ghost writing

Ghost writer are taken up for the job to write article on politics and current affairs. Government policies can be the part of their assignments.

  • Social media

You will be give job to write post on social media platforms.

  • Academic writing

If you have strong knowledge and quick sense of analysis you can do academic assignment for people.

Recognize platform

 There are different digital marketplaces where you can establish yourself as content writer. All you have to link yourself with those sites. Those work provider take their share of income from your salary and give rest to you. They are Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and Facebook groups.


That mainly depend how old and newbie you are in field of content writers. If you are new but have great expertise you can rank yourself among big competitors and get desirable pay for your task. Writing in a native language you expected to earn about 50$ for 500 words and 80$ for 1000 words. If English is not your native language but you have good command over English language you can earn being in Pakistan nearly 400,000 annually. Remember starting point is always slow and with minimum income.

Strengths as a content writers  

  • Data mining

You have strong skill of searching online it makes your work interesting and reliable. Through internet you would be able to get trustable material.

  • Time management

Managing time is great skill it will help you to find time for your personal life and professional life. Complete you task on given time and fulfill all requirements that are trusted to you.

  • Communication

In this department you have to efficient and quick to response to client. Clear and understood communication saves time and build long term relationship. Which is essential for online money making market.

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