Daraz and Olx are engaging digital market with potential to grow sky high

Daraz and Olx are engaging digital market with potential to grow sky high

Daraz and olx both are digital markets in Pakistan and help people to generate income online. They are splendid platforms which creates job opportunities for many and aid them to earn surplus cash. Daraz and olx both can be business to customer or customer to customer digital platforms.

Sign up process     

There is no scientific formula required to create an accounts on both sites. Their process are as simple as creating Facebook account. All they requires to follow up the procedures and provides your credentials from your personal information to business and bank details.

Listing of products

Once your account ready you can list you products on daraz and on olx you publish ads, listing of your products makes it available on the pages. If your product is unique and demand is on peak it will increase your sale regardless of existing competition.

How many products you can list/ads

 There is no limit on daraz for listing products you can list many products as much as you want. When it comes to olx if you are not a paid seller you can only upload 3 free ads for 30 days and if you somehow deleted your ad it will still account you cannot go for 4th one.

Pricing strategy

It is crucial step in selling products, that depends on many factors such as

  • Competition.
  • Quality of products.
  • Brand new or used/second hand item.
  • Targeted audience.
  • Demand of product.
  • Most importantly cost of your own product.

After taking all these factors into your consideration you can set the price. If you are buying in bulk from alibaba there are more chances you can sell on reasonable margin.

Credibility of seller

Daraz give points and have ranking system for their seller so buying products from verified accounts is safe and less risky. Olx mostly deals with second hand sale of products you can sale new products, it is better to sell on other digital platform. Olx does not currently have ranking system like other digital platforms. So if you know someone through common friends and family this might work as safety net for you.

Delivery of the products

Daraz does delivery and take charges from the customers for delivery of the products. Their delivery is quick and fast product reaches to customers on time. Which increases the credibility and confidence about the seller. Olx does not do shipping, customers have to ask the seller to deliver the product and add the cost. You can also go to the seller and look the item personally and when you are satisfied with the product buy it. You can also negotiate the price and get the discount. This is the best part of buying product from olx before paying for it you can check and inspect the product which you are unable to do in daraz.

Commission those sites charge

Olx allow you to put 3 ads for free and it take 500 RS monthly from its seller. Whereas daraz charges 3% commission from its seller and also take tax and delivery charges from their seller. Daraz’s commission varies from product to product.   

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