What Are the Causes of Bad Headache?

Bunch headaches

This is one of the most severe types of headaches and can be extremely difficult to tolerate. As its name suggests, it stays in clusters for days and weeks. A person with this type of headache usually suffers from it on average twice a year, but the condition varies from person to person. This can range from one year to several years.

This type of headache is not common. This is extremely painful. However, it does not pose a risk to life nor is it attributed to dangerous medical conditions.

In young women, it usually occurs during menstruation.

Migraines are usually more likely to get worse in bright lights or loud noises. It improves in a dark and quiet place. It is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Home care for your child with a headache

If the child has a headache due to hunger, give him something to eat immediately. Relaxing for a while and relaxing in a relaxed environment also makes this pain disappear. If it still doesn’t make a difference, use painkillers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol, Tempra, or other brands) or ibuprofen (Motrin, Adol, or other brands).

If your child has been diagnosed with migraines or recurrent headaches, then give him or her painkillers as soon as the symptoms of the headache begin. So that this headache can be removed before it makes its stronghold.

What To Do Before Seeing A Doctor

If your child complains of frequent headaches, take him to the doctor.

Before seeing a doctor, prepare notes for this headache, e.g.

  • What Is The Nature Of This Inconvenience?
  • What part of the headache is happening?

How long does this pain last (for a few moments or hours)

When does the child feel this discomfort (morning, afternoon, or evening)

When he feels this pain, external elements from Token affect him (is it due to bright light? Or does it happen during a certain class at school?)

Any treatment that helps reduce pain.

Write notes about recurring headaches on a calendar or in a “diary prepared with reference to the headache.”

When to get medical help

Contact your child’s family doctor immediately if:

Isolated headaches last longer than 2 days.

Headache medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen or other medications of this nature also do not improve the condition or make the headache worse. This headache is affecting your child’s normal habits and activities. Such as sports, going to school, eating, drinking, or sleeping. Recurrent headaches began to occur more frequently than usual and intensified, and did not improve despite medication prescribed by a doctor. Headaches cause the child to wake up repeatedly, especially with headaches and vomiting.

  • The child suddenly began to have severe headaches.
  • Your child is suffering from constant and worst headaches due to a head injury.
  • The child suddenly began to have severe headaches.
  • Your child is suffering from constant and worst headaches due to a head injury.
  • The child may be conscious, unconscious, and unable to understand what you are saying.
  • Vomiting or vomiting with a headache.
  • The child may have a high fever.
  • The child’s speech is incoherent and incomprehensible.
  • The child may have difficulty walking or using the arm, or may have numbness and numbness in any part of the body.
  • The child’s senses may change or he may become severely intoxicated, faint, or lose consciousness.
  • Headaches can be severe and sudden.
  • The baby has trouble sleeping.

Key Points

  • Headaches cause discomfort for the child and often cause severe anxiety for the parents. But it rarely happens that it is associated with a dangerous or serious disease.
  • Most simple headaches can be treated with painkillers, such as ibuprofen.
  • When a child complains of recurrent chronic headaches, it is important to see a doctor so that the doctor can identify the real cause.
  • A sudden onset of severe headache, accompanied by other symptoms, requires immediate contact at the emergency department or the nearest clinic.

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